How To Install YouTube TV On Firestick in 2020 (Updated)

If you want to enjoy streaming videos even better than learn how to install YouTube TV on firestick in 2019 (updated). Here is everything that you need to know while installing YouTube TV on firestick.

Since the time that the internet services have become affordable and has reached every home, the entertainment industry is also trying to go online. Services like YouTube have played a major role in changing the streaming of the content.

If you want to enjoy your favourite TV shows on a big screen and you don’t want to lose YouTube also then it is possible. YouTube TV has made it possible for you to watch youtube videos and your favourite show on a single screen.

If you want to install YouTube TV then you are in the perfect place. Here we have the list of methods and step by step guide for you that will help you to install YouTube TV on firestick easily.

How to install YouTube TV on firestick?

YouTUbe TV can be installed on firestick in different ways. Below we have mentioned different methods that can be used to install YouTUbe TV on firestick and also the step by step guide for each method to make the installation even easier.

Method 1: Install YouTube on firestick updated

Step 1: The first step you need to do is to go to the firestick home.

Step 2: Select firestick settings.

Step 3: Open “My Fire TV”

Step 4: Choose the “developer option”

Step 5: Select apps from unknown sources.

Step 6: Enable the apps from unknown sources.

Step 7: Open the option of search.

Step 8: Type downloader.

Step 9: Select download.

Step 10: Open downloader.

Step 11: Go to settings.

Step 12: Enable the JAVA script in the window that appears.

Step 13: Confirm warning message that you get in the popup.

Step 14: Enter the link of download.

Step 15: Wait and then click on install.

Step 16: The app is now installing.

Step 17: Click on open.

Step 18: Select the type of screen resolution you want to prefer.

Step 19: Click on the option to sign in.

Step 20: You will receive one code. Note down that code you will need it later.

Step 21: Open the browser and type the following URL:

Step 22: Enter the verification code that you have noted down.

Step 23: You will receive a pop-up message and you need to click on the option to allow.

Step 24: Set up your YouTube TV account.

Step 25: Your installation of YouTube TV on firestick has been now completed and you can enjoy watching videos.

Method 2: Install YouTube TV on Firestick update

Step 1: Go to the settings and then to My Fire TV.

Step 2: Select the developer option and then allow the apps from unknown sources.

Step 3: Click on OK.

Step 4: Go back firestick home and then choose a search icon.

Step 5: Type silk browser and go to download and then click on install silk browser on firestick.

Step 6: Open the silk browser.

Step 7: type

Step 8: Login with your credentials and start watching videos on your YouTube TV on firestick.


Here we have successfully installed the YouTube TV on firestick. Now you can go to any TV channel category and choose your favourite TV channels. Try any method of installation and it will surely work for you.

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