Windscribe VPN Full Review 2020

Canadian Windscribe is a good substitute for US VPN providers or someone who needs to use a 10 GB limit (per month) for their free VPN program. Their network performance is not fast like ExpressVPN or NordVPN, but they provide a 256-bit AES industry-standard OpenVPN tunnelling protocol.

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Though their Chrome extension, providing free proxy access to users, was used by more than 900,000 people, despite being a relatively new VPN service. Here’s all we loved, hated, and disliked.

Windscribe Pros

The compatibility of the Windscribe is excellent. They are highly encoded and have active protocol options. The app was easy to use. Allowed torrenting (although somewhat limited). The Netflix servers are brilliantly working. This is the service we loved.

Features of secure confidentiality & encryption

Windscribe provides the latest VPN protocols available to both men and women, including OpenVPN, IKEv2, TCP, UDP, SOCKS5 protocols.

Nonetheless, with OpenVPN as the industry standard, the IKEv2 protocol is used by default. The rationale is that you’ll get access to the most sophisticated AES256 cipher encoding for your desktop apps and to the AES 128 GCM cipher for your browser extensions (including the SHA 512 auth and 4096-bit RSA key). These technical details are reminiscent of health practitioners.

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If you are not a security professional, only be conscious that it means the “pretty f-ing safe.” At either end of the encryption spectrum, there have been no confirmed hacks. But we’re not going to stop there.

Because not all of the world’s encryption protects you from the very VPN service, you use. Some shady people are logging your data. This is not acceptable. To check, we dove into the snooze-worthy information and found that Windscribe has no logs.

No leakage = safe to use: No viruses

DNS and WebRTC leaks provide users with a false sense of security. You don’t know it exists. When they happen, you have no way to know. Only by actively checking the IP address that your client shows, which is seen in every test. Both match better.

Because otherwise, it also ensures that anyone who follows this relation will see where you are. For a good reason, leak tests from Windscribe show up under the Pros column: no leaks found in five tests.

Just three times to make sure that your devices are not exposed to any other hidden malicious software, we run the installation files on too. The tests were clean, also. Windscribe’s cheers.

Bypass Netflix Limitation via Windflix feature

Normal server windscribe will not work with Netflix (when testing, we have zero out of three). If you work with a VPN service, this is not unusual. Netflix is the number one adversary of the VPN universe. It hasn’t always been that way. At first, it was one of the significant benefits of using the VPN to unblock Netflix content.

The streaming giant locks its country-by-country content. Someone in Japan, for example, would have a Netflix library wildly different than somebody in Canada. This wasn’t a concern at first. Someone in Canada would connect to their VPN, select a Japanese server, and bing WHAMMO Japanese Netflix content.

Finally, at Netflix, someone caught this wind and wasn’t happy. The business battled the VPNs and introduced one of the most comprehensive identification systems to VPNs worldwide. Suddenly, when VPN clients are trying to access their favourite shows around the world, the dark doom screen for Netflix is met.

Torrent is permissible

A VPN can help protect torrent sessions from building an impenetrable tunnel that keeps you safe on your internet. But if it does not work, a VPN will not help you unless it enables restriction-free use.

Some begin to discourage or ban torrenting to ensure that DMCA complaints do not present problems. Most sell torrent servers but at the very least, a handful.

Windscribe Cons

Canadian Five Eyes Regulations

In Toronto, Canada, Windscribe is located. Canada is a founding member of the five-eyed jurisdiction dating back to World War II.

However, worse still, this alliance means that both the United States and the United Kingdom can be grubbing up their data. And if forced, Windscribe would only be able to comply. There is no doubt that the chances are slim. But it’s a risk. This is a risk with which you must live comfortably.

Reduces your Internet access by less than 50%

They were placed at the bottom third of our rankings at 51 (out of 78) with the Windscribe server performance. The result was a combined server score. This ranking. First, we take our benchmark to see how uncomfortable the internet is.

The servers of Windscribe were slow across the board regularly. The upload speeds were particularly atrocious and in each case, slowed more than 90%. For those speeds, we even used a’ Premium’ account. Also, if all-around options like ExpressVPN and Astrill are present.

Not all of it about 480 + servers are active

All right. This is where the inconsistency of the server is returned to play. Windscribe has access to more than 480 servers in over 50 countries, according to official records. It wasn’t bad. This is not comparable to ExpressVPN’s 2.000+, Private Internet Access’s 3.200 + servers, or even the NordVPN’s 5.200 + servers.

Nonetheless, the total number of servers in the network is around 500. It means you should have many options for fast servers at a time to be easily found. That’s if all of them are ready. What’s not the case with Windscribe’s servers for some strange reason.

Questionable Support

In the stone Age of customer support, some VPN companies are still living. They only provide FAQs, forums, or ticket systems with responses that can take days. In comparison, Windscribe contains a chatbot. Superb! Eventually, an easy, fast way to answer simple questions. We were excited to ask “Garry” about this unknown number of zero servers in New Zealand.

Our question wasn’t honestly answered. And “Garry” never did, unfortunately. He/she only repeated inappropriate responses, which did not precisely correspond to the question we asked.


A VPN that offers a lot, WindScribe. Who does not want a VPN that allows an unlimited number of devices to be connected? And a VPN that is linked to US Netflix using a particular server? This appears to be a godsend for those who live abroad.

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