Officially! Kodi Streaming Authorization Pairing

The brilliant Vshare.EU/pair: There are many pairing systems available such as the olpair, and lots more on the list. However, Kodi developers have introduced a brilliant pairing system which is Vshareeu pair.

This works the same as the other platforms but there are many brilliantly feature available here which can make your pairing task very easy. Vshareeu pair has some advanced elements which are not found in the other servers. Let’s see the procedure to install the Vshareeu pair and reasons on why to install it.

Why install the Vshareeu pair?

On the Kodiaddon, you can find the Vshareeu pairing button.  It is sometimes a stressful experience when you use other servers with “Kodiaddon” because whenever you watch a movie and use other servers such as the exodus you can see a pop there which appears on the screen which says authorisation is needed. If you use the Vshareeu pair you will not find any difficulties in doing the pairing task.

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If you like to get unlimited superior quality on your Kodiaddon then it is definitely possible with the Vshareeu pair. You can watch uninterrupted videos on the Kodiaddon when you use this addon. Let’s see how to fix the Vshareeu pair on your Kodi. This step by step instruction will help you to easily fix the Vshareeu to your Kodiaddon.

How to fix On Kodi With Working Methods

You can now watch your favourite videos without any error popping up your screen. Here you can find the two best ways to pair the Vshareeu to your Kodiaddon.

However, the first method has been tried on many devices only some devices can use this method. Some versions are not suitable for the first method you can always try whether it works on the version you use. if you find the first method I not suitable for your Kodi version you can immediately try out the alternative methods available for it.

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When you try to stream the video on your Kodi and if the popup appears that it cannot be steamed then you can disable the Vshareeu with the captcha available through the help of the hosters.

Now let’s see the first method which you can try with your Kodi.

Whenever you feel to watch a movie you play the Kodi streamer and have to select the server through which you want to pair. In some cases, the authorisation to stream the video is denied. Rather than clicking on other servers when you have to choose the server to select the Vshareeu pair. Let’s see what you may have to do after that.

  • The first step is very simple as you will have to open the Kodi software.
  • After when you open it you can now open the Kodiaddon.

first Step to Fix On Kodi

  • Like you usually do try to stream the movie on the Kodiaddon

  • Instead of displaying the video you selected you can see a pop up on the screen.


  • The popup displayed on the screen will tell that you need the authorisation to play the video.

Vshare Pair kodi


  • To remove the popup visit the Vshareeu pair.
  • You can get a unique IP address to pair your Kodi with the ““.

Vshare Pair

  • Get through all the authentication tasks such as click yes on the captcha to prove that you are not a robot.
  • After the last step, you have to wait for a few seconds to see the green tick on your screen.

Vshare Pair on kodi

  • This is an important step because you may have to click the active streaming option.

The whole process is completed only if a popup displays on your screen saying that the pairing has been successfully done.

Fix Vsharewith hosters

This second method is also very easy to follow like the first one. If the first one doesn’t work on your Kodi then try this second method.

  1. Start on your “Kodi software
  2. Form the menu you can choose the Kodiaddon.
  3. After that, you may have to click the video addon.
  4. You can choose the usual addon you choose every time or your favourite addon.
  5. After selecting the “addon” to go to the settings of it.
  6. In the setting, you can easily find a playback option on it.
  7. Now you have to click yes when the hosters with captcha appears on the screen.
  8. Now slide the turn of this means you have turned it on.

After a few experiments, it is been found that this second method works on every Kodi software and almost every version of it.

These two methods and the Vshareeu pair will provide too great services to watch your favourite videos and movies without any hindrance. How to Install Kodi on Roku

What to do when Vshareeu is not working on the Kodi platform

Many people are very much interested to use the brilliant Vshareeu pair on their Kodi software and their main concern is that it is not working on their Kodi software.  This problem may occur when you change the URL of your website.  You can get the official or the working URL of Vshareeu pair on many reliable websites.

Fix the Vshareeu pair fire stick with a simple procedure

KodiFirestick can also be paired with Vshareeu pair with the help of the IP address. This following procedure is suitable for you Firestick TV and the fire TV cube. Kodi Maintenance tools

  1. The first step is to launch your Kodi software to the Firestick
  2. Through any of your favourite movie addon starts a video.
  3. But you can stream and watch it as it may need authorisation.
  4. Now open a new tab and type Vshareeu pair.
  5. You will get a special and different IP address to pair with the Vshare.
  6. Click the captcha that, not a robot.
  7. Now the pairing has been successfully done.

Here all the relevant pairing details of Vshareeu have been mentioned. To know more about the Vshareeu pair you can post all your questions In the F and Q section.



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