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You might already know about online streaming devices and apps that are available in the market and of course, they are a lot popular too.

However, you need to know that there we have got that is a media tracking device that is very beneficial for the users who can very easily sync the contents that are available on the online streaming platforms pretty easily.

Yet, it could be quite difficult for some of the users, to activate this particular device on their streaming devices and platforms if they are beginners.

Well, here we have put down, a list of details and information regarding, that would be just great for the beginners and to just activate the device particularly. as well as you can know process of

How to Authorize (Authenticate) Trakt &

  • Official website:  “
  • you should enter an Email, Username, Password, Confirm Password, as well you have to tick mark on “Terms and Conditions
  • Then, click on “Join Trakt

How to Authorize (Authenticate) Trakt & To My Media Center

  • have to open Trakt  “Media centre” once you open There is “8 digits code” will be shown

Note: if your not finding the code you have to follow this “Plugin Settings” > Search for the “Authentication Section” > Here some “Instructions” and “8 Digit Code” will be displayed.

  • Now again open the “Browser” and enter ”
  •  then, Enter the https // pin  Example:  “8 Digits Code” and Click On “Continue”

  • then you will get “Allow access to for media centre To use Your account” notification.
  • Then Click On “Yes”
  • Come back to the “Media Center” and here you can observe that “ account has been Connected”

TRAKT Activate

TRAKT kodi activate

Features of

Here we have got a list of features of that will be found in the particular connecting device that you are going to use it though.

  • You can manage your content that comes in all the category such as movies, shows, dramas, and a lot of other such genres are very easy to manage though.
  • You can get this device on any of the online streaming apps that are available on the internet.
  • Easy access is another most feature that you must never miss on this particular streaming connecting device though.
  • The device actually helps you with getting connected to various platforms such as Netflix, Kodi, CyberFlix, Plex, Cinema Apk, Streamio and a lot more.
  • Syncing is really easy when it comes to using this particular device on your online streaming platforms for sure.

Apart, from these features, here we have got the process of activating that would be just simple for the beginners.

How to use activate on streaming devices?

You can simply go through all these steps for activating on the streaming devices, regardless of which device you are using it on.

  • You would first have to sign up for an account in the before you connect it with the streaming devices. However, if you already have an account on then you can simply give it a go.
  • You can also sign up with other social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter.
  • You can simply go on with the sign-in option and then go to and then just enter the essential pin.
  • Once you have entered the pin, it will take you to your account dashboard and then you can have access to all the contents that are available on the streaming devices as such.
  • You can also delete or deactivate your account and then just stream on the streaming devices itself.

How to Setup add-on and Sync with Movie/TV add-ons on KODI?


Hence, to let you know, using this particular media syncing device or the connection is pretty much easy and convenient for the beginners and as well as for the experts too.

However, you can simply look for all the features and benefits that this particular connecting device actually has it for. You won’t regret using this syncing device, it would be great!

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