Install Phoenix Kodi Addon On Kodi 18.4 (Leia)

Phoenix Kodi: Phoenix is one of the best Kodi addons for live TV. It is offering hundreds of live TV channels to watch news, sports, matches and TV shows. This addon has gone viral due to its excellent features of updating all the popular live TV channels. The channels list is filtered and well organized.

Discovering the key features

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  • The phoenix permits users to watch live TV channels.
  • There is even separate dashboard for sports matches lovers known for phoenix sports.
  • This offers live sports channels.
  • The phoenix addons is a completely free add-on.
  • This is never going to ask for registering an account or any PIN authorization.
  • The dashboard offers with phoenix latest releases where you can watch all kinds of new updates.

How to install Phoenix Kodi addon

There comes step by step installation process of the phoenix addon for Kodi 18.

  • In the first step, you need to run Kodi on your device. If you are using the Kodi on the fire stick then you can go to apps>then find the Kodi and launch it.
  • In the second step, you need to select the settings icon in the Kodi dashboard. Then the settings icon looks like a gearbox and you have to select the icon.

  • You can open the system settings, this is done by selecting it from various lists, and you need to open the system settings to perform some developer’s changes.
  • Next step moves on left sidebar, choose add-ons option to change some settings by which you will be able to install any third party add ons.
  • In this step enable unknown sources moves on with the option kept disabled to prevent any unauthorized access to your system. Then enable unknown sources to allow your devices to install any official as well as unofficial Kodi add- ons.

How to install phoneix on kodi

  • You can open any web browser; currently, the kodil repository website is down. So we are now going to download the kodil repo script in the ZIP file to install if offline.
  • Now you can download the kodil repo zip script with the help of your web browser, download the kodil repo script in the zip file from the download link or directly download from the source download zip.

Phoneix on kodi install process

  • In the next step go to the Kodi home, exit from the web browser once the zip file downloaded on to your local drive and then go back to the Kodi home.
  • Then select add-ons which can be done from the left sidebar.
  • Select the package installer from the left top corner to install the kodil zip file.
  • Then open and install it from the zip file.

  • Select

Now you can move on to the file location and select if you are windows 10 users then go to c:>users>username>download and then find the

After that, you can go a step back and select the install from the repository to download all the Kodi add-ons offered by the kodil repo. Once you choose, install from the repository then you can check out the next.

This is available in the list and now you can install any add-ons just by selecting the add-on name. next follow some steps that are directed next and in the last step just hit the install button from the bottom right corner of the Kodi dashboard to install the phoenix on krypton 17.6.

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