Best Live TV App for firestick

No doubt, amazon firestick is a lot diverse as compared to other devices from the same sector though. It has got a wide range of streaming varieties that will never fail to amaze the entertainment lovers.

Going to theatres, watching movies on big screens can be now taken over to the home screens without any disruption in the entertainment and fun.

Firestick can not only provide you with streaming contents but also provides you with watching the Live TV shows and contents by getting connected to the Live TV app available on the internet.

Here, we have got a list of best live TV app for your amazon firestick, that won’t fail to impress you in any way for sure.

5 Best Live TV app for firestick

You can simply jot down these trending Live TV apps for your amazon firestick to stream on without interruption or trouble though.


One of the best Live TV apps that you should never miss using is Mobdro that provides the best Live TV experience for sure.

This particular app has been listed in the trending set of LiveTV apps for firestick. You can simply be entertained with the LiveTV streaming contents and that is free too.

The interface is quite easy to navigate and easy to use as well. You can also experience all the language and category that you prefer though.


This is the next best Live TV app for amazon firestick that will never leave you back to keep you entertained for hours and hours without a single interruption.

UKTV now can give access to all the wide range of Live TV contents that you have always desired to watch an interference. It has got more than 150 live channels that are just great online movie or video streamers.


With this app, you can never surely miss your favourite show or content for sure. In this live TV channel, you can get entertained with more than 1000 live channels and a plethora of contents for sure. This TV has got a variety of 9 different categories and that will also provide you with a wide range of contents too.


Of course, don’t have to mention much about this app, as this is the most popular one when it comes to the Live TV app. The content library is too much wide and large and has got varieties like sports, movies, shows, and many different languages too.

It also provides more than 400 Live TV channels that can keep you entertained. However, this app also comes with no advertisements in between your streaming experience, which means you can access this app for free of cost.


Now you might be knowing a lot about these Live TV apps that are available in the market. However, there are several other live TV apps that you need to know and which you can simply use on your amazon firestick too.

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