An Easy Way to Install Kodi On PS4 {Ultimate guide}

Well, there would be no such gamer who would not be pretty familiar with the Xbox or PS3 or PS4 though. Yes, there are many such devices and the various ways wherein we can just simply keep on playing for sure.

However, you all might be knowing and might be aware of PS3 and PS4, for sure, if you don’t know this, then you are probably not a gamer at all.

However, its popularity has just increased for sure in recent times and years though. This PS3 or PS4 or even the Xbox have all become a profession, a great transition from hobby to career just directly.

There are many such tech lovers and the gamers who just love going around with gaming to earn a lot more, and of course, if you are serious about your gaming profession then trust me you can even live a wealthy lifestyle as well.

So, if you know PS3 and PS4, you might also be knowing about Kodi on them. Of course, some of the beginner games might not be knowing just exactly about this Kodi, so what exactly is it? How can we use it? How does it benefit us? Of course, you might be having loads of doubts over your head, that you cannot solve it alone.

Don’t on Kodi

To help you with and to give complete assistance here, we are providing you with some best details and just great information about Kodi on PS and Xboxes. If you are keen to know about it, then here we have got you covered for sure.

What is Kodi?

Kodi impresses anyone and everyone who crosses its way. So, what is it? It is a media player, which is a totally open source that just simply offers you to access various types of content that would include almost everything such as music and videos and even games too. Yes, you need to know that the Kodi software was previously known as the Xbox media player, but in 2003 they changed the name keeping it as Kodi.

With Kodi, you can just work off the content in almost all the device that you would choose to use whether it’s for game or music or even the videos for that matter. A device as in, you can work it out on TV, laptop, tablet, phones and various such devices for sure.

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It arrives with an easy interface mechanism that does not enable you for challenging or difficulty while using the particular device with Kodi.

It also works with a variety of network storage and various other local services as well. However, before you start using Kodi, you need to know that it has some third-party add on too, that will enhance your experience in gaming or online streaming for sure.

So, there could be plenty of people out there who are still confused with what exactly does Kodi do?

Yes, don’t worry- to help you with it, here we have got it for you-

Get Kodi on PS4

If you are really looking for Kodi to download it on any of your devices, then yes you just got to have the Plex app, which is a third party tool of course. It is used as there is no such facility to download Kodi on PS4 or other such platforms such as Android or Mac, you will just have to work on it with this app only. Well, if you are looking out to download Kodi, then you have to follow out these below-mentioned steps:

  • You first have to create a Kodi account that would be pretty easy just going on over its site.
  • Once you have created or opened an account, it’s time for you to have patience and hold until it gets connected to the media though.
  • After you are done with it, just log in to your Plex account and connect it again.
  • You will now start off with the trail mode though, of course, you have to log in with your ID though, and only then connect to the trail mode.
  • Now you have to choose a system in the settings section or the part. There you go, it’s all you have got it though.

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How to install Kodi on PS4

  • After you have done with it, you now have to open your PS4 device and look for the Plex app that you had before.

1st screen shot kodi on ps4 set up

  • Once after you have found it, you have to find the app and install it on your device for sure.
  • Once you have installed it you have to download the Plex app, and now you got to wait until it is getting downloaded on your device.2nd step to install kodi on ps4
  • Of course, don’t worry it won’t take or consume too much of your time for getting downloaded though.
  • Now, look for the contents that would work with the videos and check if it’s working on it. Now you just have to open the app and create a profile as per it.

Create profile in plex app for Kodi On Ps4

  • Once this procedure is done, you will find that the Plex has sent you an account, and you have to use that link to get the Plex app installed on your PS4 or even PS3 for that matter.
  • Now, again sign in or log in to your Plex account and that’s it, you are completely set with it! Now you have all installed the Kodi software on your PS4 for sure.
  • It is actually very easy, you just have to follow these steps and get it done.


Well, these steps are all easy for sure. You just have to follow these above-mentioned steps that would just help you to install the Kodi app or the software on your PS4 or the PS3 or even on your Xbox too.

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Make sure that you are not too much confusion on these steps, if you are still confused, you can also check for other steps that could seem pretty easy for you. As you know, Kodi has always impressed everyone, mostly the tech junkies, and it is just doing it again, by getting it all over on the PS4 and the PS3 for sure.

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