Best Kodi Alternatives for Free Streaming

Kodi is a media streaming application and has lots of attractive features. It helps you to stream your media in a very simple and easy way. Kodi is into a legal battle and now it is high time to look for the alternatives of Kodi. The alternatives of Kodi are enough capable of satisfying your crave for Kodi and also it will fulfil all your requirements as well.


Best alternatives of Kodi

If you are looking for some of the best alternatives of Kodi then you are at the exactly correct place. Here we have the list of best alternatives of Kodi. Go through the article and select the best alternative of Kodi.


Plex is almost as good as Kodi and serves as the best alternative. It comes with many amazing features that are very attractive and makes you overwhelmed. It has a platform of client-server architecture that makes it a right foil to stream media via different devices. It can stream the same content on different devices.

Kodi Alternatives

It has a very amazing user-friendly interface and is perfect when you use it as a home theatre. Plex has many features are the same as Kodi and has a similar collection of channels.

You can watch the content on the choice of your topic and channel. Plex has many features in its free version but the paid premium version is the best. Plex serves as the best alternative to Kodi and lets you use the best of both the applications.


SPMC is the best alternative to Kodi when you have android and want something that acts similar to Kodi. SPMC means Semper Media Center and has been developed by the android manager for Kodi. Any add-on that you are using for Kodi will also work SPMC. SPMC is the best alternative to Kodi when it comes to android smartphones, tablets, and Smart TV.

Best Kodi Alternative it is

SPMC has a big disadvantage and that is it cannot be used for iOS devices. SPMC works perfectly on Amazon Firestick and it is the main advantage for android and Amazon firestick users. It is available completely free of charge.



Emby is an open media solution and serves as an alternative to Kodi. It functions similar to Plex and minus the risk of proprietary software. Emby is an open-source platform and it makes use of the client-server mechanism. Emby makes it very simple and easy to stream media to all devices that are connected. It has live TV functionality that will allow you to play with DVR recording. Emby has parental control that makes it different from other platforms.

Emby is convenient and is smart as well. It is capable of recognizing the hardware components of other devices and adjusts its media components accordingly. Emby organizes the media in a neat manner. It has a premium feature that allows accessing backup and the applications cinema mode. At present Emby is like PLex and could become as an alternative to Kodi.


JRiver has been designed similar to Kodi. It is a single place where you can address all media. JRiver is perfect for those who look Medias on their desktop as a primary source. It has a primary graphics user-friendly interface that looks like windows. It allows you to make some specific changes and also play a bit with settings.

With JRiver you can select several media files at the same time and also assign some bulk attribute to them. JRiver can also be used to watch your favourite movies. JRiver is better when it comes to flipping the media discs to the library.


Media Portal

Media Portal is new compared to other platforms but it has features similar to Plex and Kodi. The USP of the media portal is the DVR. It has many features like it allows you to record, schedule, or watch live TV. Media portal not only supports DVR it also supports a variety of TV tuner cards.

You can also use it for playing music, videos, and blue-ray discs. With this application, there is also an availability of plug-in. This plug-in allows you to do everything like watching YouTube to tracking the latest scores. One disadvantage is that the media portal is available only for windows.


Stremio is similar to Kodi and it allows you to enjoy watching TV shows and movies on different platforms mainly from a single screen. Stremio has the best quality of content regardless of any medium you are viewing it. It allows you to create a personal library to store all your contents and collections. It works free on many devices.

Stremio has a special feature that ensures that the data is arranged perfectly on different devices. It has a special setting where you get notification about a new episode. The account creation in Stremio is very easy and you can use the application after creating the account.


OSMC means Open Source Media Center. OSMC has a very simple and user-friendly interface. It has a simple design and has features like attached storage, local network and internet media play.

OSMC has been built on the Kodi model and is similar to Kodi. It can support a wide range of Wi-fi adapters and TV tuners. OSMC supports HD audio, 4K videos, and 10-bit content.

Universal media server

The universal media server is a platform that server’s media very hassle-free. It can stream media files to multiple devices including blue-ray players, Smartphone’s, TVs and even the games. It has a very simple user-friendly interface and can be set up very easily.

The media player can stream, transcode and play video, audio, and image in many different formats. It has a special feature that supports DLNA and has a bit rate adjustment.

The universal media server is based on JAVA and has very few built-in the plug-in. It also allows you to install your own plug-in. It can serve as the best alternative of Kodi if you are looking for something similar to Kodi as well as different.

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