Install Eternal TV Addon on Kodi and Firestick

For information, Eternal TV is mainly considered to be one of the most and best cost-effective IPTV services. When it comes to access, then it will be handled over the platforms like Kodi as well as firestick in general.

If you are looking for the process of accessing, then you don’t need to spend much amount on it. With the low amount, then it is always possible for the people to access loads of cable TV channels. Here you can even find loads of popular channels for watching it.

On the other side, you can also get an opportunity to experience the interactive electronic program guide. For information, Eternal TV is also considered to be the wanted live TV services to experience at any time. Also, one should keep it in mind that loads of subscriptions will help to increase the server load as well at any time.

At this stage, in order to manage the respective bandwidth, all you need to go ahead with eternal TV which mainly limits the subscription at some of the times. In case, if you witness that eternal TV is considered to be not available, then you can get an opportunity to check whenever you get time.

The installation process of Eternal TV Addon on Kodi

So, people who all are looking forward to completing the installation process of External TV Addon on Kodi, then without going for a second thought, one can go ahead with the essential steps without skipping it. Yes, all you need to do is following the essential steps without skipping it.

  • First of all, it is necessary for you to open Kodi and proceed further to choose “Settings” and hover to “System settings” -> “Add-ons” and enable Unknown sources.

covenant kodi Install process

  • After the above process is over, you need to get back to the “Main screen” and tap on “File Manager”, then choose “Add source” and tap on None which is available in the window.

Covenant Settings Option Menu

  • Now, it is necessary for you to enter URL on the slot like and tap on Ok. It is essential for the people to type “eternal” at the bottom and choose OK.

Repo Covenant

  • Get back to the main screen and choose “Add-ons”, then go ahead to tap over “Open box” which is available at the top site.
  • Now, visit the zip file to choose Install -> Repo -> and make sure to wait for some time until the notification is received to confirm the download of the repo.
  • Once the above process is over, then choose “Install from Repository” and go ahead with “Misfit mods repository”, then “Video add-ons” -> “Eternal TV”. Now, tap on Install and then make sure to open the Eternal TV add-on in order to witness loads of TV contents to experience over the Eternal TV add-on.

The thing one should keep it in mind is when it comes to installing any Kodi add-on, and then it is essential for the people to make use of VPN. Yes, at this stage, it will always be playing a crucial role in terms of streaming the video contents regularly without any hassles. So, keep it in mind that there will be a requirement of VPN to witness the smoother process than expected for sure.

Requirement of VPN

People who all are interested in streaming the video contents online in a regular manner, then the VPN is always considered to be the essential thing that every user needs to be followed properly. Once started to use the VPN, then you are going to witness the best protection from monitoring.

For information, VPN service is mainly said to be the private network where you can easily operate it at any time. If you use this service, then it has the potential to enable in terms of streaming without revealing any personal details to others. At the end of the day, this could be an essential reason where most of the people would be looking forward to using VPN service at any time.

When it comes to streaming over the Kodi, it is necessary for you to focus on a VPN which is said to be very much important in general. Usually, you can witness those geographically restricted sites which mainly not allow the people to access.

Well, with the support of VPN service, it helps the people to bypass any sites which are restricted. The best thing is which will be helpful to protect the IP address and follow further to access without any issues.

Installation of Eternal TV App on FireStick

So, people who all are going to install and watch channels over Eternal TV add-on, it is necessary for you to move ahead with the monthly subscription process.

In case, if you witness the response like “Out of stock”, then get ready to repeat the essential process later. When it comes to installing on FireStick, make sure to follow the instructions of the installation process by following the below steps.

  • Firstly, you need to choose “Settings” and tap on “Security tab”, then go ahead with Unknown sources to enable and get back to the main screen.
  • After the above process is completed, then you need to install the Downloader application by visiting the app store. Now, you need to tap to open the main screen of the downloader and choose the OK button over the remote in order to access the site.
  • All you need to do is enter over the URL slot and then choose Go. Now, you can witness that the Eternal TV app will get started to download on Android TV.
  • At last, choose “Install” and it is necessary for you to wait until the application is installed successfully. Once the installation is over, you need to open the application and proceed further to complete the login process with the support of Eternal TV information in order to access the Eternal TV account at any time without any hassles.


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