How to Install Fusion on Kodi (New Method)

Kodi is a popular device that works just best for any live streaming or online streaming factors though, yet, there are a lot of other devices too that are available in the market.

Even, Kodi itself has an ample amount of features that one cannot actually neglect it though. However, there are other streaming apps and devices too that you can simply go on with, but you need to actually look for all the features in the Kodi device or other such apps for sure.

However, fusion repository is one such feature that is available in the Kodi device. Fusion actually serves in the repository that is in the Kodi media centre that enables all the TV to add ons and the fusion repository too.

This particular characteristic actually helps to install in the Kodi device though. However, the Kodi does not actually have the fusion repository though, and this has also been an issue in the Kodi device, and it has never been the same too.

Here we have mentioned some more information about this particular Fusion repository on Kodi device though. Yet, here we have also mentioned about the installation process of this Fusion repository too.

Fusion Repository: Everything you need to know about

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Fusion repository is the most popular add on that is very much used on Kodi as the famous add-on though. This particular add-on is the best one for the website that is useful for all the Kodi users, that helps them to extend the certainties and the possibilities, of the Kodi users though.

You need to know that Kodi device is an open-source platform simply great for media-player, as this particular feature and the device can be simply installed in all types of operating systems and you can also access all the movies, music, TV dramas, series, shows, and even the events that are available on the particular channel or the medium. However, Kodi becomes more accessible when you want to include all the third-party add ons too.

How to install Fusion Repository on Kodi

  • You have to go to cogwheel settings on the Kodi device that would be available in the home screen.
  • Now, after you are done with the navigation, you have to click and select the settings in the Kodi menu.
  • After, this particular step, you have to navigate through the add-ons tab that is available from the vertical menu bar.

Fusion Installer on KOdi

  • You have to click on the unknown sources option that will enable it to download all the third party add ons and this will also help to get these add-ons installed too.

Install Fusion On Kodi

  • You have to confirm the Kodi add-ons from the unknown sources that are available in the Kodi device too.
  • This will make sure that the Kodi device is confirmed and we can simply stream online on the same.


Hence, hope these above-mentioned article has provided sufficient information that is required with regards to the Fusion repository. However, there are alternatives of fusion repository too that you can simply try out though.


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