Firestick Channels List For Movies, Sports 2020

If you are looking for the list of firestick channel then you are at the correct place. Here in this post, we will be discussing the list of channels that are offered by the Amazon Firestick channel. Go through the full article and get access to lots of channels that are offered by firestick.

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There are thousands of channels available and the list is continuously growing with each passing day. When the firestick was launched by Amazon there were only a few channels available on it but today the list is continuously growing.

Firestick channels

Firestick has lots of channels to offer to its users. Here we have a list of fire stick channels that can be accessed by the user. Go through the below list of all the fire stick channels.


The HBO fans can easily stream original HBO and tons of movies, documentaries, sports programs, and comedy specials. It is a paid channel and has been featured with plenty of bonus videos like behind the scenes. When you have HBO subscription then you can access it free of cost.

Firestick channels list 2019


This channel is somewhat like the HBO GO and gives you access to almost everything that is found on HBO. There is a simple difference and it is that you don’t need a subscription of HBO for the channel HBO NOW. It is a paid channel with free trail and also has its own subscription plans.



This channel allows you to watch the full range of AMC originals and all the other AMC copyrighted TV shows. You can enjoy the full season by using the AMC satellite TV subscription and logging into this app. The best part is that you can watch lots of season premiers and several extra things without logging into it. It is a paid channel.


This channel in the firestick is from the leading TV cable network is the USA and allows you to enjoy the live streaming of ABC episodes The live streaming has been restricted only to certain markets and TV providers. You need to log in using the required credentials if you want to watch the latest episode. It is a paid channel.


This channel is free to download and it gives you access to catch up the episodes as well as the live streaming of all the shows of CBS. You can get the catch-up episodes on the next day they are aired.


In this channel, you will get to stream all the showtime original TV shows, movies, documentaries, sports, and lot many things. It is an app with lots of demand and no live TV streaming. You can begin by using the free trial and you still want to continue then you can buy a subscription plan. It is not necessary for you to have a showtime cable network subscription. If you have a Showtime subscription then you will prefer using the showtime app.

Comedy Central

This channel allows you to get full access to the full range of TV programs including South Park, the daily show with Trevor Noah and many such. This channel is free to use but you need to purchase some of the popular videos.

Tubi TV:

This app gives you access to lots of free movies and TV shows. It features either the videos that are available in the public domain or the ones that have the license for it. It is possible that you will not be able to find the latest videos of TV shows but it has the full capacity to keep you entertained for hours to go.



This channel gives you access to lots of movies and TV shows and all the exclusive originals of Hulu. You can also add live TV streaming by paying additional money. It will also allow you to stream premium networks like Showtime, HBO, Starz, and cinemas by getting an extra monthly subscription.


This channel gives you access to the Starz original, TV programs, movies and also a lot more. This app allows you to not only stream videos but you can also download them. You can log in by using the Starz network subscription. In case you don’t have the Starz network subscription you can still use the channel by paying $8.99 per month.


Netflix doesn’t require any kind of introduction; it is the world’s largest subscription service for streaming movies, shows, documentaries, and many more. You also get access to the tons of Netflix originals. Every streaming enthusiast must have Netflix with them.

Fox Now

This app stream both on-demand and live content. It gives you access to the full Fox episodes and shows. You can also watch live sports that are aired on the Fox network. This channel has the free content that is quite limited. To get the complete range you will have to purchase in-app.

Pluto TV

This channel is one of the best channels that is offered by firestick and perfect if you want free content. It streams dozens of Live TV channels that are free and more than a thousand on-demand movies. You don’t need to sign in to use Pluto TV. If you want to sign in with your Pluto TV then you will get access to viewing history and preference across the devices.

Hallmark Movies Now:

The love for this channel on firestick doesn’t require you to be in love with Hallmark. You can access the huge content of the Hallmark Library. It features all the Hallmark movies, and shows. You get a free trial for 7 days and if you still want the channel then you can purchase the subscription.


This channel allows you to watch the complete range of A&E shows and many extra scenes that have never been aired on TV. It allows you to stream full episodes of popular shows like 6o days in, storage wars, Live PD and many more.


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