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However, there are so many VPN providers are available nowadays. But still, ExpressVPN knows how to be the best and to stand far away from the massive competition. What makes it different from others, it completely depends on the features it offers to the users. The best VPN offers a wide and amazing range of very useful features.

There are many reasons that indicate why do you need a VPN while using the internet or while streaming something online. If you are using some online streaming services, like Roku or any other, then you may have various errors. Nobody wants to ruin their experience of watching their favourite content online.

Full Review for Express VPN

VPN NameExpressVPN (4.8/5)
Price for 12 Month 8.32$/month
Price for 1 Month12.95$/month
Overall rank 3/78
USABILITYVery Easy, Supports All Devices
TORRENTINGP2P & Torrenting Allowed
Live SUPPORT24/7 Live Chat
LOG FILESNo Logging Policy
NETFLIXUnblocks Netflix USA
Buy LinkBuy Now

we have been using expressvpn since 5 years. it is crazy VPN rather than other. that’s why we are highly recomended ExpressVPN to everyone because we are experienced user for expressvpn

But still, you need to face such problems, because no one has any control over theirs. This might be because of the attackers, bot traffic, and unusual traffic also. If you don’t want to get stuck in such annoying problems. And what to use a VPN so that you can have a better experience. Then here is something really good and valuable for you.

Of course, I am talking about the ExpressVPN. You can surely give it a try and I am sure you will love to use this VPN. With an attractive price, it offers better security and better response, also there are many reasons why you need to go for ExpressVPN rather than other available VPNs.

Well, let’s check out the ExpressVPN Review to understand why it is better than others. And what are the main features that make this VPN a better option for every user?

Plans for ExpressVPN

Express VPN 1year plan6 months plan for expressvpn

ExpressVPN Full Reviews


Features Of ExpressVPN

Explore Any Content From Anywhere

This is one of the main features of ExpressVPN. Because this smart VPN gives you the liberty to explore the content from anywhere anytime. You can enjoy the blocked and secured content as well.

By using this smart VPN you can also use the blocked websites across the world. Even when you are traveling, you can watch any video, images, and can read any text from any website.

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Support All Devices And OS

It doesn’t matter either you are using an Apple device, Android or the Windows one, you can use the ExpressVPN in any device or in any OS. It is the award-winning VPN for all the OS that supports all the devices perfectly.

Browse Anonymously

This is something very good. Because of this VPN, you can browse anything anonymously. Attacking on your privacy is a big thing anyone not even can detect your IP and your location.

Because it gives you a different location to use the internet. That is the reason how you can explore a website that is blocked in the USA, all you need to change your location. It helps you to explore more and more. Also, you can use the TOR browser with this VPN to hide your identity and to hide your IP and location both.

The best part is you can even transact with Bitcoin by using this superb VPN. So, there are so many reasons and smart features that make this VPN far better than other available VPN providers. The UI of this VPN is just quite impressive and very simple. You can easily understand the features and the uses of this VPN.

Hide Your IP Address

If you are using this VPN, then you don’t need to reveal your IP address to anyone else. Because they have 3,000 servers across the world you can easily choose anyone from them. Then nobody will be able to find out your location and your IP address.

It means by using this VPN your identity will be completely secure and you will not face any kind of issue with the ExpressVPN.

No Connection Log

The ExpressVPN never asks you to identify your identity, it doesn’t ask you for any personal or professional information so that they either anyone can locate or identify you. This is how this smart VPN actually works to offer you better security around you.

Network Lock

This is the most important and the smart features that they added to their VPN. Because of the network lock, if there is any drop in the VPN server or network, then it blocks all internet traffic until the network restored properly. The team ExpressVPN created an impressive VPN that you can trust, they have been serving for the years and the users are well-satisfied with their features and their support. you can get ExpressVPN Black Friday deals from here.

Price And Subscription

The pricing structure of the ExpressVPN is quite simple, they charge $12.95 for their monthly subscription. If you go for the 6 months subscription then the price will be dropped for $9.99 per month. Also, if you go for their annual package, then the price will be $8.32 per month.

The pricing is quite impressive, it is not too high and not too low, just pretty well as per the features it is offering to the users.

Why You Need A ExpressVPN

This might be the most common question that can come to your mind. Because you need to pay a fixed amount to buy a VPN. Then you must know why you need it.

Well, let me tell you one thing that, whenever you stream anything online, or you are using any premium services. Then is a chance that you can have some errors and other problems. This might because of the heavy traffic from your location.

The bots or unusual traffic is also can be a reason for this problem. But if you are using a VPN like ExpressVPN. Then this VPN helps you to use any service online without having such issues. You can have a smooth experience using the internet at your location.

Also, the hackers may attack your connection and can harm your privacy and your data as well. But when you are using the ExpressVPN, then this smart software works as great protection on your privacy and on your data. The hackers and attackers wouldn’t be able to attack your privacy.

So, if you want to have a safe and secure experience of using any service online, then you must use the ExpressVPN. The superexcellent features of this VPN make it the ideal choice for the users.


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