Best Stremio addons

As recently what mess has taken place for Kodi. All have witnessed this so it has disappointed many of persons with the end of the Kodi repositories. Those who are an avid stream lover might be willing to see Kodi repository back. This Stremio is one of the software which is being regarded as the Kodi Successor.

Things are different with this stremio as one directs searches for streams now with stremios appendixes for torrent websites. As it is not an easy task to put any torrent down.

Is Stremio legal?

It is absolutely legal. But this one is working as third party addons blur everything. This has become possible because it is streaming from the torrent websites and this proposes all sorts of content.

But while using stremio addons, one will end up accessing copyrighted content. Here are some awesome official stremio addons which work awesome.

Best Stremio Addons


everyone is using Netflix today and it is an official stremio addon that surely stream comfortably from the subscription-based service. By the help of stremio Netflix addon, you can easily stream the Netflix shows without any disturbances but the Id will still be a concern.


Dtube is also available on the stremio. On the other hand, it is one of the decentralized video streaming platforms and it is linked to the STEEM blockchain.

Actually it has been meant of YouTube alternative and this permits users to watch, comment, upload or share videos easily. It will also help you even in earning in the form of Cryptocurrency.

Some third-party stremio Addons

Popcorn Time – It is one of the bets free streaming services. Popcorn even makes popcorn time Stremio addon one of the best challenges for bringing you’re a wide diversity of HD content. Along with the addon, there is a limitless movie and TV show streams and it can happen to be used directly from the torrent websites such as YTS and EZTV.

Juan Carlos (the original) – It is one of the torrent websites. It permits one in watch movies and all TV shows directly from the torrent website disturbance-free. Here add on even gives you the pleasure of enjoying the good pleasure of dealing with free content and even good choices in hand.

RABG addon – It is also one of the stremio integrated torrent websites with much features. It has a lot to offer you when watching movies it has vast variety of the content that too in HD quality. If you have this you can enjoy as much as movie and TV shows as your heart wants. This is full of variety from torrent websites such as YTS and EZTV.

Some other alternative of the STremio addons

  • filmOn
  • Vodo
  • WatchHub
  • Juan carlos 2

Final words

This is definitely going to offer you good features in such an easy way. If you are about to looking for an easy solution with the best quality then there cannot be anything best than this. Stremio Addon is a really good suggestion for streaming on good movies and TV shows.

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